Argentine Tango de Salón is a social dance, where steps tend to be lead and followed within an improvised dynamic, bringing forward a natural, comfortable posture and embrace. In tango there are two roles : a ‘leader’ and ‘follower’. The leader invites the follower to execute musical moves. It is essential that both roles maintain a harmonious connection throughout the tango music and the embrace. This is how we experience Tango and what we passionately want to transmit our students.

The lessons can be taught in German, English or Spanish, depending on the need of our students. 



Alonso Álvarez

Alonso Álvarez (México) is the German Tango-Salón champion "2014". From 2013-2016 he teached in Universo Tango, one of Hamburg best renowned academies. Alonso lives in Berlin.

Serena Alvarado

Serena Alvarado (Colombia)  grew  up with colombian Salsa and discovered later in Buenos Aires  her passion for Argentine Tango. Serena lives in Berlin.